This week, we’ll take a closer look at another beloved member of Chrisville: Velvel Fox.

Fun facts: The Velvel Fox picture book series is, of course, fictional, but this toy is based on something real. My great-grandfather used to tell my grandmother bedtime stories that always began with “Once upon a time, Velvel Fox…” Velvel Fox was, apparently, a boy that he knew from his childhood. My grandmother went on to tell similar stories to her own children, including my father. My dad didn’t continue the tradition with me, but he did tell me about it.

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Time for things to get a bit darker this week (although hopefully, not too dark to read). Here’s an about page for our favorite stuffed cryptid, Moth!

Fun fact: Moth was inspired by a mothman plushie that I purchased at Flame Con and gifted to a friend of mine. (I did my best to put my own unique spin on Moth, though)

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Now for Chris’s other best friend: Makena! She also made an appearance alongside Lorrie in 2020′s Halloween comic.

Makena is an inventive and inquisitive kid who often looks to the stars. She finds space utterly beautiful and wants to be an astronomer when she grows up. While Lorrie acts on her emotions and Chris gets overwhelmed by his, Makena stops and thinks before she does anything. Chris asks her for advice on everything, even when it’s something that Makena isn’t skilled in, just because he trusts her judgment that much. Makena often holds herself back from taking risks because she doesn’t want to be hurt or grossed out, or because she predicts that something will go wrong. Lorrie and Chris teach her that it’s OK to take risks, and that sometimes things that go wrong… are better!

Makena’s parents, Ione and Giuseppe, are proud of their daughter and her interest in science. They had also expected her older brother, Cosimo, to be a future STEM major. However, Cosimo turned out to be an extremely talented dancer and baker, which his parents have accepted. (Their only concern was how he’d “make a living” in the future, but Cosimo’s charm and optimism ensure that his future is bright.) Makena’s family may have their squabbles, but they’re very loving, and Chris loves interacting with every one of them when he comes over to play.

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For this week’s hiatus art, I decided to finally give you guys some more information on Chris’s human friends. (He DOES have them, you know.)

First up is Lorrie! We last saw her in 2020′s Halloween comic, and Chris texted her in order to borrow Lucky Buck. She’s one of Chris’s two closest friends, as well as an unofficial enemy of Chris’s mom. (That’s a story for another day) Lorrie has two moms, Jo and Em, although Em is actually nonbinary and uses she/they pronouns. (Em’s fine with being called “mom,” though.) Lorrie also has an adopted big sister, Grace, who is six years older than her. They used to be really close, but have since drifted apart after Grace entered her teens. Lorrie herself is Jo’s bio kid; her birth father is both her godfather and a sweet uncle figure in her life.

Lorrie’s parents never enforced gender roles on her as she grew up, and they always gave her the freedom she needed to express herself. As a result, Lorrie is a confident, butch little girl who both takes pride in her femininity while also ignoring almost everything society deems “feminine.” (Like her moms always tell her, the two aren’t mutually exclusive!) Chris admires this form of parenting, and is secretly trying to get himself adopted by Jo and Em. Jo and Em don’t know this, but the feeling is mutual.

While Lorrie does have fun teasing Chris and grossing him out, the two of them are very close. Lorrie never makes fun of Chris about things that would actually upset him, and Chris knows that Lorrie would protect him from any danger.

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I was planning on saving this character’s About page until after they debuted in the comic, but I couldn’t resist. 

Everyone, give a nice, gentle welcome to the Butterfly Bear. They are a teddy bear that always wears a winged butterfly hoodie; take off the hood and you’ll see their cute lil ears. They are genderfluid and use he/him, she/her, and they/them pronouns depending on how they feel at the time. However, they would like for people to use they/them when the Butterfly Bear is not around to say what gender they are at that moment.

Fun fact: the Butterfly Bear is based on an actual toy that I’ve owned for almost my whole life. However, I can’t find any evidence of this toy existing on the Internet, nor can I pin down the company that made it.