Dirk impresses us with character growth and then gives us some more of the bad boy we all know and love. Hey, at least he’s consistent.

Fun fact: Loyal readers of this comic have probably noticed that Dirk’s lineart has changed. This is because I realized that I will be drawing him in his more complicated and time-consuming form more often than not, and therefore wanted to make my life a little bit easier.

Also, you don’t know how much I wanted to have Dirk curse in the last panel. I was tempted to replace “jerks” with a creative grawlix.

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Oh yeah. Dirk was trespassing. Oops.

Fun facts: Originally, I was going to add two more roles to the Dirk plans, one that would have been in last week’s comic and one that would have been featured this week:
Orin Scrivello, DDS

from Little Shop of Horrors and the duel role of Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf from Into the Woods. Ultimately, they were cut for time, as I wanted to keep this comic running at its standard weekly upload schedule.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Dirk as Robert Grove. I like to think that the previous piece of fanart was a glimpse into the future for the Chrisville Theater Society.

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So far, Softboy’s “Dirk Plans” are an insightful trip down memory lane. (Maybe they’re a little too insightful. Remember, Dirk has shown that he hates being seen as either goofy OR as an untrustworthy threat.) But it looks like Dirk’s just spotted something he didn’t expect…

In case you need a refresher after almost three months away from this arc, here’s the previous installment.

Fun fact: The drawing of Dirk in panel 7 is inspired by a gorgeous piece of fanart by @chiropteracupola. I hope I did it justice!

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Happy New Year – 2022

Time moves differently in the world of Softboy Pillowman. There’s no telling how fast Chris will age, or when/if certain major world events will start or end. But no matter when Softboy takes place, or what happens outside the blog, we’ll keep working to improve ourselves and the lives of others.

Happy new year, everyone.

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2021 Art Summary

2021 sure was a productive year. Even after losing the first two months to a hiatus, we started one of the longest and most ambitious story arcs that the blog has ever seen, had an entire month-long Halloween story, AND got to explore fun fanart. Hopefully we’ll finish the Dirk arc in 2022!

This year both challenged and strengthened my art-making abilities, and I’m pretty proud of all that I’ve accomplished. This blog and its fanbase may be small, but to those of you who follow and comment on my silly little uploads, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for making this content worth creating.

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This art summary template was from Mossygator.