It’s taken me a while to finish, but here are the designs for Softboy Pillowman and Leo Lion, who will be starring in a future WITW animatic that I am collaborating on with @thescarletpaperback. Characters/designs/all the wonderful ideas belong to him and if you want to see more of his characters, please take a look at @softboy-pillowman!

This turned out beautifully! You always draw such wonderful artwork of this blog’s characters. :3

Happy New Year, everybody! Whether your year was disastrous, or only partly a nightmare with some good bits mixed in, I think we can all agree that a break from 2020 is long overdue.

This blog also needs a break. While I’ve had a lovely time making weekly comics since Leap Day, that took up quite a lot of my free time and energy. That’s why The Antics of Softboy Pillowman will be taking a two-month hiatus. I’ll still be working on Softboy stuff in the meantime, but it will be plans for an actual Softboy picture book or two. (And hopefully, at least one short story that’s unrelated to Softboy Pillowman)

Thank you for following my silly little toys’ adventures. I’ll see you all again in March!