Guess who finally watched a production of The Phantom of the Opera on YouTube?

I feel it is important to note that Softboy and Leo don’t see the relationship between the Phantom and Christine as particularly romantic, and especially not something to strive for. This is not so much a couples’ casting, and more of a “we wanted to perform this song together because we find it fun” casting. Also, if the Chrisville Theater Society were to put on their own production of Phantom, Dirk would be the best fit for the title role. (And Christine’s role would most likely go to the Butterfly Bear)

The main reason Softboy loves casting himself as Phantom and Leo as Christine is because Leo has a very pretty voice, and there’s nothing Softboy loves more than shouting “SING FOR MEEEEE!” while Leo does the tricky part of “The Phantom of the Opera” (in a lower register). 


As I was doing research for my thesis project, I found a picture of the earliest piece of concept art I made for Softboy Pillowman! It inspired me to draw an impossible instance where old meets new…

My thesis is still putting me through the wringer, but you can bet that I’ll start some real comics once I’m done. (As it turns out, trying to finish an incredibly vital project during a pandemic while quarantined in a busy household is not good for my mental health.)

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I was planning on saving this character’s About page until after they debuted in the comic, but I couldn’t resist. 

Everyone, give a nice, gentle welcome to the Butterfly Bear. They are a teddy bear that always wears a winged butterfly hoodie; take off the hood and you’ll see their cute lil ears. They are genderfluid and use he/him, she/her, and they/them pronouns depending on how they feel at the time. However, they would like for people to use they/them when the Butterfly Bear is not around to say what gender they are at that moment.

Fun fact: the Butterfly Bear is based on an actual toy that I’ve owned for almost my whole life. However, I can’t find any evidence of this toy existing on the Internet, nor can I pin down the company that made it. 


Now this cutie belongs to my best friend @thescarletpaperback. He’s the softest boy ever and if you’d like to see more of him (and his awesome friends), you should go support him here:

Ahhh, thank you so much! You make Softboy look so cute. :3 I’m honored for you to make the first Softboy fanart.

It looks like everyone has to worry about the current pandemic, even the residents of Chris’s bedroom. Fortunately, enduring quarantine is a little easier when you’re able to spend it with friends. 

Fun fact: The cardboard box that houses the Chrisville Theater Society contains a reference to the G&S society that I joined when I studied abroad in England. Softboy’s sailor outfit is also a reference to the show we did during that time, and is a clue to what Chris did with his toys over the spring break. 

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