Well, it’s been over a year since I drew Softboy as a character from a piece of media that was too mature for this blog. Let’s do it again!

For the past few months, I’ve been getting into the Danganronpa series. I’ve watched walkthroughs and let’s plays of the first two games, am currently a third of the way through watching
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, and have seen the anime adaptation of the first game. My relationship with this series isn’t perfect; I still have a lot of criticism and gripes about it, and I’m sure that will continue as I keep consuming all of it that there is. Still, I can’t deny that I’m oddly hooked, and I’ve already proven that once something is on my mind, it won’t take long for me to blend it with Softboy in some way.

So here’s a little Monokuma-esque version of our favorite boy: Monomocha! (A friend of mine and the Internet informed me that omocha is a Japanese word for toy) Just because Softboy is sweet and cuddly in his real life doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy playing villains every now and then. >:3

Monomocha is different from Monokuma, though. While Monomocha is also a little stinker and plays with the lives of the victims of his killing games, he isn’t as crude or gross as Monokuma is. He leans into the fact that he appears to be a cute stuffed toy, making his talk of killing games and trials ending in executions even more chilling. He definitely isn’t as violent as Monokuma is outside of executions; if he had an Usami/Monomi counterpart like in the second game, he’d find a different way of toying with her than beating her.

If you’re wondering how a young kid like Chris got into Danganronpa in the first place, there’s a logical explanation: his older cousin. One day during a family reunion/vacation, Chris really wanted to hang out with his teenage cousin Ryan, who he thinks is super cool. Ryan wasn’t in the mood for playing a game, so he put on the anime adaptation of his current hyperfixation and thought “eh, I saw worse things at his age.”

Aaaand that’s how Chris ended up planning and acting out (pretend) killing games in his bedroom.

If you have a suggestion for art I should draw during the current hiatus, feel free to send it in!
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Aaaand with that, I announce another hiatus!

While making this comic is a lot of fun, and I’m still full of motivation to continue this story, working on such long comics every week is wearing me out. I’ve still got one more part of the Show Betrayal storyline to do before that whole arc is finished. After that, I’m going to focus on drawing smaller comics, and hopefully maybe even act like an ask blog for once.

For the next couple of months, though, I’m taking a break. I love Softboy to pieces, but I’ve been neglecting other projects that I want to focus on. Also, I just wanna get some dang sleep.

However, don’t worry! I’ll still be making content for this blog every Saturday. They’ll just be single, more self-indulgent pieces of art. You can even send in suggestions for what you want to see, as long as it’s not too difficult!

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Another Internet Show Appearance!

Yesterday, I appeared on my friend’s Facebook comedy show The Alternative Cobra Meeting, which had its Feet & Ball Transatlantic Soccer Special. Feet & Ball is their comedy sub-show where they discuss football (aka soccer) with non-football people. You can watch the recorded episode right here.

This show definitely has a bit of mature humor in it, (I’d say it’s about PG-13) but I recommend checking it out if you want to see and hear more of the author behind this comic, along with some other really funny people. I do have a few moments where I talk about Softboy Pillowman and some aspects of storytelling, but most of the show is joking about football related news.


Softboy says that it’s important to set boundaries, especially if you’re at risk of being hurt.

Fun fact: We have reached the end of what I’ve been calling the “Confrontation” chapter of this theater society story arc. The final chapter shall begin… in a while. I’ll be posting an update on future plans sometime next week.

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I was on an Internet talk show recently called Social Distance Warriors! It was really fun, and I got to talk about this blog and about Softboy Pillowman as a whole. If you have time, I recommend checking it out. If you just want to see the parts with me in them (which include a couple of games with the hosts and the other guests), then watch 9:24-20:30, 1:07:55-2:04:30, and 2:12:37-2:14:40.

Since this blog is for all audiences, I will give a minor warning for swearing and mentions of adult content, but it’s mostly just joking around.