Dirk impresses us with character growth and then gives us some more of the bad boy we all know and love. Hey, at least he’s consistent.

Fun fact: Loyal readers of this comic have probably noticed that Dirk’s lineart has changed. This is because I realized that I will be drawing him in his more complicated and time-consuming form more often than not, and therefore wanted to make my life a little bit easier.

Also, you don’t know how much I wanted to have Dirk curse in the last panel. I was tempted to replace “jerks” with a creative grawlix.

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Happy New Year – 2022

Time moves differently in the world of Softboy Pillowman. There’s no telling how fast Chris will age, or when/if certain major world events will start or end. But no matter when Softboy takes place, or what happens outside the blog, we’ll keep working to improve ourselves and the lives of others.

Happy new year, everyone.

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For this week’s hiatus art, we see what it would look like if the Chrisville Theater Society performed The Play That Goes Wrong.

Fun facts: Last week, I saw an off-Broadway production of The Play That Goes Wrong and had an amazing time. I had already binged and re-watched Mischief’s television program The Goes Wrong Show, so having a front row experience with one of the funniest plays I’ve ever seen was more than enough to make me imagine the residents of Chrisville in these hilarious roles.

The trickiest bit of casting was Dirk as Robert and Leo as Chris. For The Play That Goes Wrong, I can actually see them alternating these roles. This is different with other Mischief projects. For The Goes Wrong Show, I always imagine Dirk as Robert and Leo as Chris. For Peter Pan Goes Wrong (the TV special version), it’s the other way around.

Finally, this image is, of course, based on the official poster for
The Play That Goes Wrong.

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“This one’s actually a true story, actually…”

It’s spooky month, which means the blog will be taking a break from its regularly scheduled programming to bring you an appropriately spooky story. For those of you who are dying to know how Dirk’s current arc continues, shudder in fright, for that will have to wait until November.

Fun facts: As you can see, I decided to take the opportunity to throw some of my favorite things into this week’s comic. As Softboy mentions in panel 3, the residents of Chrisville have decided to dress up as characters from the video game Deltarune, which released its second chapter only a couple of weeks ago. Chris is dressed as Ralsei, Softboy is Lancer, Leo is Kris, Madame Croc is Susie, the Butterfly Bear is Noelle, and Dirk is the King. These costumes were largely distributed based on personality and not on character dynamics/relationships. The biggest exception to this, though, is how Madame and BB are clearly doing a couples costume.

The “ghost stories” that Leo told Softboy are, of course, the stories of the BBC television series Ghosts.

Finally, the “plant musical” that Dirk mentioned is Little Shop of Horrors. Its original musical ending is somber and dark, with character death and the end of the world depicted in song. Softboy, of course, much prefers the movie adaptation’s ending, where Seymour saves the day and marries the love of his life.

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We’re back to the present day, and it looks like Dirk’s flashback has given him a lot to think about. But what business could he have outside of his perch?

Fun facts: Velvel Fox and Wagon Wheels are dressed as Otter chorus members for the song “Messing About in a Boat.” They come out and dance around Mole (Softboy) and Rat (Leo).

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How much can a person change before they’re a different person entirely? Is the desire not to change simply the will to survive?

Fun facts: To anyone who’s wondering why there’s suddenly a Scottish bear in Chrisville, he isn’t new. That’s Jamie McBear, who made a brief appearance in this comic. This is, however, his first time speaking. Writing accents phonetically is super tricky, so I didn’t try to spell out every single sound that Jamie’s making. I just did enough so that it’s close to the way it sounds in my head, and will encourage the reader to fill in the blanks. Any mistakes can be explained through Chris (and me) being American, and therefore not being skilled when it comes to writing dialogue in other accents.

Also, to any eagle-eyed viewers who noticed that Dirk’s shirt is now different from how it was at the start of this memory…. I only noticed halfway through drawing this and had no TIME to fix it, so. Enjoy the new shirt.

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Welcome back, everybody! Our most recent hiatus is now over, and I shall finally resolve the aftermath of Dirk’s crimes in the Wild Wooders arc of this series.

Just in case you need a refresher for our ongoing story: The Chrisville Theater Society had started holding dress rehearsals for their production of the musical adaptation of The Wind in the Willows. However, while rehearsing the number “The Wild Wooders,” Dirk suddenly performed some threatening choreography towards Softboy, and did things that made our protagonist feel very unsafe. When confronted about his actions, Dirk refused to apologize, and even began to physically threaten the other inhabitants of Chrisville. Softboy had to step in and put Dirk in a timeout. Finally, he banned Dirk from playtime altogether.

Now, the dress rehearsals have started once again, albeit in a somewhat limited state. Dirk, after all, played the role of Chief Weasel, the main antagonist. But is a villain all he’ll ever be?

Fun fact: The Chrisville Theater Society is rehearsing the “Messing About in a Boat” number in this comic.

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