Well. In early 2020, I drew Softboy Pillowman dressed as Jaskier right after watching The Witcher season 1. It only makes sense that, almost two years later, I draw Softboy Pillowman as Jaskier after watching The Witcher season 2.

This drawing was a lot of fun to create, but it almost makes me sad. As epic a break-up song as “Burn Butcher Burn” is, I hate to think of anyone making Softboy feel that broken-hearted.

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For this week’s hiatus art, we see what it would look like if the Chrisville Theater Society performed The Play That Goes Wrong.

Fun facts: Last week, I saw an off-Broadway production of The Play That Goes Wrong and had an amazing time. I had already binged and re-watched Mischief’s television program The Goes Wrong Show, so having a front row experience with one of the funniest plays I’ve ever seen was more than enough to make me imagine the residents of Chrisville in these hilarious roles.

The trickiest bit of casting was Dirk as Robert and Leo as Chris. For The Play That Goes Wrong, I can actually see them alternating these roles. This is different with other Mischief projects. For The Goes Wrong Show, I always imagine Dirk as Robert and Leo as Chris. For Peter Pan Goes Wrong (the TV special version), it’s the other way around.

Finally, this image is, of course, based on the official poster for
The Play That Goes Wrong.

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thank you all so much for the loan of your characters!  hope I managed to do them justice!

@ijustwanttosleepokay (sorry about using your old url, it got baked into the layers of the file somehow and I couldn’t figure out how edit it out neatly) @natdrinkstea @thescarletpaperback @maybeindigo @benjhawkins @sailorpants

Thank you so much! :3 You made Softboy look very cute and charming, as always.

Well, it’s been over a year since I drew Softboy as a character from a piece of media that was too mature for this blog. Let’s do it again!

For the past few months, I’ve been getting into the Danganronpa series. I’ve watched walkthroughs and let’s plays of the first two games, am currently a third of the way through watching
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, and have seen the anime adaptation of the first game. My relationship with this series isn’t perfect; I still have a lot of criticism and gripes about it, and I’m sure that will continue as I keep consuming all of it that there is. Still, I can’t deny that I’m oddly hooked, and I’ve already proven that once something is on my mind, it won’t take long for me to blend it with Softboy in some way.

So here’s a little Monokuma-esque version of our favorite boy: Monomocha! (A friend of mine and the Internet informed me that omocha is a Japanese word for toy) Just because Softboy is sweet and cuddly in his real life doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy playing villains every now and then. >:3

Monomocha is different from Monokuma, though. While Monomocha is also a little stinker and plays with the lives of the victims of his killing games, he isn’t as crude or gross as Monokuma is. He leans into the fact that he appears to be a cute stuffed toy, making his talk of killing games and trials ending in executions even more chilling. He definitely isn’t as violent as Monokuma is outside of executions; if he had an Usami/Monomi counterpart like in the second game, he’d find a different way of toying with her than beating her.

If you’re wondering how a young kid like Chris got into Danganronpa in the first place, there’s a logical explanation: his older cousin. One day during a family reunion/vacation, Chris really wanted to hang out with his teenage cousin Ryan, who he thinks is super cool. Ryan wasn’t in the mood for playing a game, so he put on the anime adaptation of his current hyperfixation and thought “eh, I saw worse things at his age.”

Aaaand that’s how Chris ended up planning and acting out (pretend) killing games in his bedroom.

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so here I am again with an absolute shower-thought of a crossover.

still not entirely sure how and why I got suddenly wildly excited about the idea of muppets treasure island softboy pillowman, but here we are nonetheless.  this sure was a thing that happened.

Woah, this is so cool! It’s definitely a very good thing that happened. :3

Thanks so much for yet another awesome drawing. It’s always a joy to see how you draw the different toys of Chrisville.


so the latest comic from @softboy-pillowman has had me Full of Worry, but also made me want to draw dirk in his chief weasel costume.  and so I did.  that’s fashion right there!

Thank you so much for this wonderful art! Like always, it’s beautifully detailed, and I’m so touched that you made it. And you’re totally right. Dirk may not be one for fashion, but he certainly let himself get all dressed up for this role.

(and you might’ve made me realize that I forgot to give him the Chief Weasel’s fingerless gloves. At least he’s got them in your art!)


felt like trying my hand at a certain grumpy sword and friendly moth!  dirk and moth are the wonderful creations of the inestimable @softboy-pillowman!  by gosh, the entire comic is a ray of sunshine!

Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry I didn’t see this sooner! This is amazing! 😀 The swirl coloring on Moth’s hands, the monster paws and claws that are Moth’s feet, the wooden segment’s of Dirk’s fingers… this makes me really happy.

Thank you so much for the fanart, and I’m so glad you like the comic!