This fanart was drawn by the talented artist gaymarriedinspace, whom you can find on Tumblr.

The perfect adventure buddy. Thanks again! Your art is wonderful as always.

Note: This art was originally posted on Tumblr on April 5, 2020.



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For this week’s hiatus art, I decided to finally give you guys some more information on Chris’s human friends. (He DOES have them, you know.)

First up is Lorrie! We last saw her in 2020′s Halloween comic, and Chris texted her in order to borrow Lucky Buck. She’s one of Chris’s two closest friends, as well as an unofficial enemy of Chris’s mom. (That’s a story for another day) Lorrie has two moms, Jo and Em, although Em is actually nonbinary and uses she/they pronouns. (Em’s fine with being called “mom,” though.) Lorrie also has an adopted big sister, Grace, who is six years older than her. They used to be really close, but have since drifted apart after Grace entered her teens. Lorrie herself is Jo’s bio kid; her birth father is both her godfather and a sweet uncle figure in her life.

Lorrie’s parents never enforced gender roles on her as she grew up, and they always gave her the freedom she needed to express herself. As a result, Lorrie is a confident, butch little girl who both takes pride in her femininity while also ignoring almost everything society deems “feminine.” (Like her moms always tell her, the two aren’t mutually exclusive!) Chris admires this form of parenting, and is secretly trying to get himself adopted by Jo and Em. Jo and Em don’t know this, but the feeling is mutual.

While Lorrie does have fun teasing Chris and grossing him out, the two of them are very close. Lorrie never makes fun of Chris about things that would actually upset him, and Chris knows that Lorrie would protect him from any danger.

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For this week’s hiatus art, we see what it would look like if the Chrisville Theater Society performed The Play That Goes Wrong.

Fun facts: Last week, I saw an off-Broadway production of The Play That Goes Wrong and had an amazing time. I had already binged and re-watched Mischief’s television program The Goes Wrong Show, so having a front row experience with one of the funniest plays I’ve ever seen was more than enough to make me imagine the residents of Chrisville in these hilarious roles.

The trickiest bit of casting was Dirk as Robert and Leo as Chris. For The Play That Goes Wrong, I can actually see them alternating these roles. This is different with other Mischief projects. For The Goes Wrong Show, I always imagine Dirk as Robert and Leo as Chris. For Peter Pan Goes Wrong (the TV special version), it’s the other way around.

Finally, this image is, of course, based on the official poster for The Play That Goes Wrong.

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Well. I’m ready for another hiatus.

I love this webcomic with all of my heart, and I am so grateful to this blog’s loyal readers. (Especially those of you who give feedback :3 I really appreciate that) Unfortunately, keeping up with this weekly comic takes a lot of time and focus, and that’s been taking a toll on me.

So, for the next month or two (depending on how much time I need to take care of other important life stuff), the Antics of Softboy Pillowman will be on a semi-hiatus. I will still draw weekly art, but not “full-length” updates. Honestly, once the current Dirk arc is completed, I am REALLY going to try shifting to a simpler comic story format to keep from dancing close to burnout.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Thus begins the tale of the dusty bear. Admittedly, it’s not very spooky yet, just sad. But some say horror, like comedy, is tragedy plus time. After all, horror needs time in order to grow…

Fun facts: See if you can guess what television program is being watched and which picture book is being read in panel 3.

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“This one’s actually a true story, actually…”

It’s spooky month, which means the blog will be taking a break from its regularly scheduled programming to bring you an appropriately spooky story. For those of you who are dying to know how Dirk’s current arc continues, shudder in fright, for that will have to wait until November.

Fun facts: As you can see, I decided to take the opportunity to throw some of my favorite things into this week’s comic. As Softboy mentions in panel 3, the residents of Chrisville have decided to dress up as characters from the video game Deltarune, which released its second chapter only a couple of weeks ago. Chris is dressed as Ralsei, Softboy is Lancer, Leo is Kris, Madame Croc is Susie, the Butterfly Bear is Noelle, and Dirk is the King. These costumes were largely distributed based on personality and not on character dynamics/relationships. The biggest exception to this, though, is how Madame and BB are clearly doing a couples costume.

The “ghost stories” that Leo told Softboy are, of course, the stories of the BBC television series Ghosts.

Finally, the “plant musical” that Dirk mentioned is Little Shop of Horrors. Its original musical ending is somber and dark, with character death and the end of the world depicted in song. Softboy, of course, much prefers the movie adaptation’s ending, where Seymour saves the day and marries the love of his life.

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To those of you who wondered what crimes Dirk would commit, it turned out to be: trespassing.

Fun facts: Dirk snooping around in Softboy’s theater planner has actually happened before, and was mentioned in a previous comic.

The “lock” on Softboy’s planner is supposed to be a little three-digit padlock. You write the correct numbers on it with the little pencil to “unlock” it, and then erase the numbers to “lock” it again.

The “Musicals For When Chris is Old” section lists clues for two musicals that I like, but are definitely not for kids, and therefore would not be performed by the Chrisville Theater Society for quite a few years. Bonus points to whoever can guess what they are.

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