This fanart was drawn by the talented artist gaymarriedinspace, whom you can find on Tumblr.

The perfect adventure buddy. Thanks again! Your art is wonderful as always.

Note: This art was originally posted on Tumblr on April 5, 2020.



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We’re back to the present day, and it looks like Dirk’s flashback has given him a lot to think about. But what business could he have outside of his perch?

Fun facts: Velvel Fox and Wagon Wheels are dressed as Otter chorus members for the song “Messing About in a Boat.” They come out and dance around Mole (Softboy) and Rat (Leo).

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How much can a person change before they’re a different person entirely? Is the desire not to change simply the will to survive?

Fun facts: To anyone who’s wondering why there’s suddenly a Scottish bear in Chrisville, he isn’t new. That’s Jamie McBear, who made a brief appearance in this comic. This is, however, his first time speaking. Writing accents phonetically is super tricky, so I didn’t try to spell out every single sound that Jamie’s making. I just did enough so that it’s close to the way it sounds in my head, and will encourage the reader to fill in the blanks. Any mistakes can be explained through Chris (and me) being American, and therefore not being skilled when it comes to writing dialogue in other accents.

Also, to any eagle-eyed viewers who noticed that Dirk’s shirt is now different from how it was at the start of this memory…. I only noticed halfway through drawing this and had no TIME to fix it, so. Enjoy the new shirt.

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Wow, Dirk gave a great performance! Or that could be the Chrisville Theater Society’s talent principle, which allows all of its members to have the amount of talent that is appropriate for both their role and the enthusiasm they put into their acting. Either way, things seem to be going very well!

Fun facts: The musical notes drawn in panels one and eight are based on the actual musical notes that precede and follow the number “Deh, vieni alla finestra,” which Dirk is singing here. If you want to hear a good example of how this song sounds, then you can check out this video here. It isn’t from the production that inspired the design of the Chrisville Theater Society’s production of Don Giovanni, but it’s still very good.

In case anyone was curious, the translation of this song is mainly a literal one. I read quite a few poetic translations before deciding to go with this one (which, while resembling a Google translate search, did not depend entirely on Google translate. I did my own research.)

Also, as you might’ve noticed, Madame Croc and Wagon Wheels (long time, no see) are also in costume. Madame Croc is cast as Donna Elvira and Wagon Wheels is cast as Donna Anna.

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Something tells me that Dirk isn’t just talking about Don Giovanni…

But enough of that. How’s his big number going to go? Stay tuned to find out!

Fun fact: I forgot to mention this last week, but there’s a reason why Dirk’s and Softboy’s jackets are the wrong sizes. It’s because at this point in the opera, Don Giovanni and Leporello (Dirk and Softboy’s respective roles) switch jackets.

Also, to any mandolin fans out there, I am sorry that Dirk’s mandolin isn’t totally accurate to real life. This is purely due to the limitations of the artist.

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Flashback time! It looks like the mystery dialogue from last week was a memory of past rehearsals. (To those of you who need reminding, the Chrisville Theater Society put on a production of Don Giovanni some months ago. Dirk played Don Giovanni and Softboy played Leporello.) But why is Dirk revisiting his memories of being the lead in this opera? Perhaps the answer will be clear after we see more…

Fun fact: Some of our more observant readers might be thinking, “Wait. Didn’t Dirk play Don Giovanni before he gained his anthropomorphic form?” Technically, you’re correct. The Don Giovanni comic came before the “Dirk’s New Form” comic. However, I have an official author retcon answer: Dirk figured out his anthro form in the middle of rehearsals. The theater society didn’t officially end their production of Don Giovanni until later.

Also, Softboy isn’t pretending in the last panel. He truly does think Don Giovanni is the worst. The song they’re referring to is just super good, and is performed best at its most “sincere.”

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Welcome back, everybody! Our most recent hiatus is now over, and I shall finally resolve the aftermath of Dirk’s crimes in the Wild Wooders arc of this series.

Just in case you need a refresher for our ongoing story: The Chrisville Theater Society had started holding dress rehearsals for their production of the musical adaptation of The Wind in the Willows. However, while rehearsing the number “The Wild Wooders,” Dirk suddenly performed some threatening choreography towards Softboy, and did things that made our protagonist feel very unsafe. When confronted about his actions, Dirk refused to apologize, and even began to physically threaten the other inhabitants of Chrisville. Softboy had to step in and put Dirk in a timeout. Finally, he banned Dirk from playtime altogether.

Now, the dress rehearsals have started once again, albeit in a somewhat limited state. Dirk, after all, played the role of Chief Weasel, the main antagonist. But is a villain all he’ll ever be?

Fun fact: The Chrisville Theater Society is rehearsing the “Messing About in a Boat” number in this comic.

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thank you all so much for the loan of your characters!  hope I managed to do them justice!

@ijustwanttosleepokay (sorry about using your old url, it got baked into the layers of the file somehow and I couldn’t figure out how edit it out neatly) @natdrinkstea @thescarletpaperback @maybeindigo @benjhawkins @sailorpants

Thank you so much! :3 You made Softboy look very cute and charming, as always.

This week’s art is a little… interesting. Softboy and Dirk aren’t able to cooperate long enough to play Tic-Tac-Toe, much less come together for something as close and personal as fusion. Fusion isn’t even something the citizens of Chrisville are capable of doing, although they do sometimes wonder what the results would be like.

However, once an idea forms in my mind, it cannot be chased out so easily. So here is the answer to the question nobody was asking: what would a fusion of Softboy and Dirk look like?

The answer: Spruce. He has Softboy’s outgoing personality and love of performing, but still deals with Dirk’s temper and tendency to bring up rude topics. He has just enough goodness in him to know that he shouldn’t lash out at people, or care about the way he’s seen by others, but the occasional insult and wave of self-consciousness will still bubble to the surface. Because he has two minds at war inside of him, Spruce constantly criticizes himself and even deals with panic attacks from time to time.

NOTE: Spruce will not feature in any upcoming comics. This is just a “What If?” scenario.

Fun fact: Spruce’s design is based off of Woody from Toy Story, who is also made of both plush and tough components.

Also, Spruce’s name is based on the fact that spruce is a SOFTwood.

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Since Chris’s sister is a baby, it doesn’t take much to convince her that Chris is the coolest brother ever.

Perhaps we’ll see that new bud sometime in the future…

Fun fact: This week’s art was inspired by an actual toy that I recently won from an actual crane game while visiting relatives. In fact, the toy that Chris managed to snag is heavily based on my glorious prize.

Also, a few of the toys in the “Grab A Bud”’s pile of cheap wonders are OCs of mine that I haven’t posted about yet. (Only one of my followers will be able to recognize them. You know you who are. :3)

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