So far, Softboy’s “Dirk Plans” are an insightful trip down memory lane. (Maybe they’re a little too insightful. Remember, Dirk has shown that he hates being seen as either goofy OR as an untrustworthy threat.) But it looks like Dirk’s just spotted something he didn’t expect…

In case you need a refresher after almost three months away from this arc, here’s the previous installment.

Fun fact: The drawing of Dirk in panel 7 is inspired by a gorgeous piece of fanart by @chiropteracupola. I hope I did it justice!

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Looks like some outside talent will be visiting Chrisville very soon…

Fun facts: Just because we moved on to different musicals doesn’t mean the Chrisville Theater Society will be leaving Gilbert and Sullivan behind. Softboy saying “Here’s a how-de-do” references a song from The Mikado.

Also, we may not have seen much of the society’s production of HMS Pinafore, but we now know that their “female” chorus, which is supposed to consist of Sir Joseph’s sisters/cousins/aunts, had the bare minimum of three members. (Which wasn’t too big of a loss, as the female chorus in Pinafore does so little, it’s rather tragic.) This is actually based on a real production of HMS Pinafore that I was in, where we had to make do with one sister, one cousin, and one aunt.

The third chorus member, Mamma Hippo, is actually a guest star herself. She’s one of the toys from baby Zoe’s room, and plays a supporting role in the third book of the original Softboy thesis trilogy.

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Finally, our first multi-part comic comes to an end! You can read Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 over here.

Fun fact: I realized that in the previous parts, there were a few moments where Softboy wasn’t holding the Dick Deadeye hat. I decided to make these errors an official part of the comic by having Softboy canonically drop the hat.

Also, this is the first real story-related appearance for the Butterfly Bear! Their Josephine costume is based on the HMS Pinafore production that inspired this whole comic.

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It’s time for part three of our first multi-comic story, in which I realize that it’s hard to keep coming up with exciting angles for a conversation between two people. You can find Part 1 herePart 2 here, Part 4 here, and Part 5 here.

Fun facts: Here is the first appearance of another background character: Wagon Wheels the Yeti. She is a very sweet cryptid plushie and another blatant Classic Doctor Who reference. She has been cast as a member of the female chorus for this production of HMS Pinafore.

The Chrisville Theater Society’s production bears many visual resemblances to a version of HMS Pinafore that I was in a year ago. (In fact, Softboy is playing my role as a member of the chorus.) The costumes in the comic are only half-finished, but most are clearly inspired by what we wore then. However, Madame Croc’s Little Buttercup costume and Wagon Wheel’s sister/cousin/aunt costume are of my own design. 

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Here’s the second installment of our first multi-part story! You can read the first part herethe third part here, the fourth part here, and the fifth part here.

Fun fact: If these comics were allowed to go into PG-13 territory, Dirk would’ve used a much more obvious and naughty insult for the HMS Pinafore’s name. (Actually, if you would like to see a “Softboy After Bedtime” segment featuring jokes that were cut for being too mature, let me know!)

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Get ready for our first multi-part comic everybody! This takes place before the residents of Chrisville learn about the lockdown, which can be seen here. You can find the second part here, the third part here, the fourth part here, and the fifth part here.

Fun facts: As you can see, a couple of new (as in, not previously introduced) residents of Chrisville are in the male chorus of the Chrisville Theater Society’s production of HMS Pinafore. Their names are Velvel Fox and Jamie McBear, and they actually play a small part in the original Softboy trilogy I wrote for my thesis. I didn’t write/draw individual introductions for them, though, because I haven’t yet planned for them to have major roles in the comic. 

Also, the book the Theater Society is reading from is based on a real collection of Gilbert and Sullivan music and librettos that I have at home. 

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