Oh yeah. Dirk was trespassing. Oops.

Fun facts: Originally, I was going to add two more roles to the Dirk plans, one that would have been in last week’s comic and one that would have been featured this week:
Orin Scrivello, DDS

from Little Shop of Horrors and the duel role of Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf from Into the Woods. Ultimately, they were cut for time, as I wanted to keep this comic running at its standard weekly upload schedule.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Dirk as Robert Grove. I like to think that the previous piece of fanart was a glimpse into the future for the Chrisville Theater Society.

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He… how could it be? He hears the music….”

“You… you hear it too. You hear the music…

Guess who watched Love Never Dies not long after finally watching The Phantom of the Opera? And now, four months later, I decided to make this semi-sequel to the Phantom of the Opera artwork I made a few months ago. 

I’m not a big fan of Love Never Dies (the musical sequel to The Phantom of the Opera), and I’m sure many people feel the same way. When I finally watched a production on YouTube a while back, I found little in it that truly entertained me…. except for the song “The Beauty Underneath.” I was taken aback by the sudden rock number, and couldn’t stop listening to it for weeks afterward. Then, I found this newer version of the song on YouTube that I love even more.

The Chrisville Theater Society would never put on a full production of Love Never Dies, but its members also share a fondness for this number. Dirk is often cast as the Phantom, and Softboy Pillowman steals the show as Gustave, the ten-year-old boy who turns out to be the Phantom’s son. 

This number represents one of the few times Softboy and Dirk truly get along during playtime, and their rendition of this song is rather heartfelt. This is because they each have a different interpretation of what the song means by the Phantom’s “beauty underneath.” Dirk pictures his love for what all the other toys see as too tough, violent, mean-spirited, and dark. (The other toys are typically correct in their judgement) Softboy, on the other hand, pictures his appreciation for the macabre, playfully cynical, and artistically off-putting, such as a love of Edgar Allen Poe stories, the spooky tales that surround cryptids, and animated works like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Invader Zim.

Guess who finally watched a production of The Phantom of the Opera on YouTube?

I feel it is important to note that Softboy and Leo don’t see the relationship between the Phantom and Christine as particularly romantic, and especially not something to strive for. This is not so much a couples’ casting, and more of a “we wanted to perform this song together because we find it fun” casting. Also, if the Chrisville Theater Society were to put on their own production of Phantom, Dirk would be the best fit for the title role. (And Christine’s role would most likely go to the Butterfly Bear)

The main reason Softboy loves casting himself as Phantom and Leo as Christine is because Leo has a very pretty voice, and there’s nothing Softboy loves more than shouting “SING FOR MEEEEE!” while Leo does the tricky part of “The Phantom of the Opera” (in a lower register).